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The Kingdom of This World 

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Edouard Duval-Carrié, The Kingdom of This World, 2017. © 2021 Artists Rights Society, New York / ADAGP, Paris

A digital resource for contemporary art

of the Caribbean diaspora that dialogues

with the region’s revolutionary history.


The materials on this site emerge from the exhibition and related programming for The Kingdom of This World, Reimagined. 


for inquiries about the exhibition, contributing artists, programming, and venues, please use the form below

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This exhibition presents a selection of contemporary work inspired by Alejo Carpentier’s mytho-historical book, The Kingdom of this World (originally published in 1949), which recounts the Haitian Revolution and its profound impact on the emergent nation. Originally presented in Little Haiti, Miami, on the occasion of the book’s seventieth anniversary, an international cohort of artists, each with ties to the Caribbean, responds to Carpentier’s innovative retelling of the extraordinary, true events of Black liberation, struggle, spirituality, and knowledge in colonialism's wake.

This exhibition is in memory of the life and work of Francophone Literary Scholar, Writer, and Professor  J. Michael Dash (1948-2019), who so generously dedicated his time and efforts to this project in the months before his passing and whose influence continues to endure.   

This exhibition was developed in partnership with the following funding agencies:

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This website was supported in part by a Research & Creative Activity Award from the J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts at Texas Tech University. The site was designed by Lesley A. Wolff with support from TTU PhD Student Sha Huang. Lesley A. Wolff is the administrator of this site. 

Lesley A. Wolff wishes to sincerely thank all of the scholars and artists who contributed to this digital space. She would like to additionally acknowledge and thank the following individuals (alphabetically listed): Jennifer Baez, Amy Bowman-McElhone, Michael Carrasco and Laura Lee, Nick Croghan, Stella Dash, David Freberg, Gabriela Germana, Mireille González, Roberto González Echevarria, Clayton Kirking and Edward Sullivan, Paul Niell, Julianna Stoll, Marie Vickles and Anna Wall.  

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